The Story of Lozanuez Pecans


We are a company dedicated to the production, marketing and shelling of Pecans, we have more than 45 years and three generations of experience in the field.


We sell pecans throughout the year to meet the demands of our customers.

We are located in northern Coahuila on the border with the USA, which allows us to export our product with ease.


Our company processes Pecans with husks through a sophisticated operation of machinery specialized in cleaning and shelling, which allows us to process different types of pecans and market a wide range of qualities, types and sizes.


“We are exclusively a family business” We see this company as a foreign exchange generator of jobs, a company that is exporting its pecans to different countries; We are proud that although we are not in a very big city, we are always trying to do things better and better, and I feel very happy with my family.  They now are now all graduates with careers and a family of their own, and they are working in each branch of this company. I know that they will be doing things better every time as a whole.-


A FAMILY COMPANY - Words of Mr. Miguel Angel Lozano Arizpe

Strawberry Pecan Bread
Pecan Pie
Pecan Buns
Pumpnkin Pecan Waffles

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